Dr.Schwan Somsiri

The appliance you received today is called – TMJ Splint -. It is designed to eliminate the signs and symptoms such as –clicking, or popping of the joint, pain or any discomfort you have related to the joint and surrounding muscles. The splint will work as an orthopedic appliance, by stretching or pulling the joint a little bit out of the fossa (The capillaries flow in the joint will be increased) , and supporting your jaw joints, thus it will help natural healing process. Since the muscles is relaxed, you will experience relief within 24 hours. You will see that clicking is drastically reduced and the amount of mouth opening will regain. The jaw joint will be set in a normal position.

Instruction for TMJ patient using the Splint

1. Wear the Splint continuously for the first 48 hours after delivery, except during eating and brushing.

2. After 48 hours , wear it as much as possible. When you wear it the nature will heal itself. With the orthopedic effect the joint will be -stretched- downwards and forwards. If you do not use the splint as prescribed the healing process will not occur.

3. You will experience that there will be increase in salivary flow. This is normal. You may also experience discomfort in speaking, but you will get use to it pretty soon. When you use the splint -night time- you will fine it easier.

4. During tooth brushing, brush also your splint with normal tooth brush and tooth paste. It is no need to but an extra brush or cleansing chemicals. As this may cause corrosion on the metal part of the splint.

5. We provide a soap box, please keep your splint in the box when you do not use it. The box will provide excellent protection against breakage and your pets.

6. Do not wrap the splint with a piece of tissue, because you may inadvertently discard the splint.

7. Splint is valuable, you will fine it as -the 8th world wonder-. It takes time and energy to fabricate it, so please take good care of it. Do not lose it!

8. Treatment time may range from 2 – 6 months. In some case it is necessary to use it for 12 months.
After a while you may experience that your bite is changed. In most of the cases we recommended to follow with orthodontic treatment to stabilize the lower jaw and the joint.

Other treatment may be performed e.g. elimination of some specific hitting of the bite (Selective grinding), prosthodontics (crown and bridge works)