Dr.Schwan Somsiri


For those who received fixed orthodontic appliances

1. Day one, after receiving the fixed orthodontic appliance (Bands & Brackets), don’t eat your meal for the next 30 minutes. The brackets might come off.

2. You will feel slight pressure on the teeth 3-7 days. Avoid touching your teeth and have soft diet. Should this pain unbearable, you may take 500 mg tab Paracetamol or call our office. Rinsing your mouth with cold water will help reducing pain.

3. Avoid using your teeth chew on hard, sticky and/or tuft diet e.g. no chewing gum, steak, ice cubes, sugar cane etc. If you need to eat apple, carrot, please cut it into small pieces.

4. Cut down your sugar intake, these will cause cavity during treatment.

5. Avoid ice cream, and cold drinks or too hot drink. The extreme low or high temperature will cause the metal part especially the bands to enlarge or contract, which will cause cracking of the cement and loosing bands. Cavities will be invited.

6. In case of loose bands & brackets or broken appliances, please call our office immediately for emergency appointment.

7. Brush your teeth and the appliances after each meal according to our instruction strictly. Brush with the water for 2 minutes to remove debris and food rest. Then use fluoride added tooth paste for another 2 minutes. Water irrigation device is recommended.

If you brush it correctly, the brace will be shiny just like the very first day you have got it.

8. Use dental floss (30 cm long) or super floss once a day at bed time. Just passing the dental floss underneath the arch wire and clean out Plaque under the gum tissue (subgingival plaque).

Please keep your teeth under “Plaque Free” condition.

9. Visit your dentist for professional cleaning at least once a year, but for those who have fixed brace you may have to see him or her every 3 months.